Sunliner Series Leisure Pontoon Boats

Sunliner Series

Whatever you are looking for in a pontoon, the Sunliner has it all. The Sunliner comes in your choice of floorplan, color and flooring. Whatever calls on a sunny afternoon, the Sunliner will deliver.

Imagined Dreams Become Inspired Reality.

As a discerning boat owner, you have a clear vision for what you'd like your boating life to encompass. You seek the latest technology, ultimate comfort, upscale styling, proven performance and handling, and an extra measure of luxury, and you expect it all in one elite, magnificently designed, economically savvy package. With models from 21 to 25 feet, the Sunliner Series will meet those expectations, and then raise the bar even higher. These versatile, elegant cruising pontoons can bring every imaginable pontooning dream to life, from child's play off the swim deck, to a teenager's thrills ripping up the wake, to quiet music and cooling shade while leisurely dining alfresco. There are no age limits to any pontoon experience. So get out there. Dance to your favorite tunes, show off on that slalom ski, and swan-dive into the clear blue in front of your kids' amazed eyes. This is where every dream can become an inspired reality.


Exuberant, expressive and exquisitely detailed, the Sunliner Series surrounds your family and guests in exclusive luxury and comfort while leading the way in on-water customizability.

Sunliner Series Pontoon Boat Design


These sporty yet stylish interiors feature roomy loungers, flexible seating options and numerous amenities to maximize your comfort and convenience while enjoying all your favorite activities.

Sunliner Series Pontoon Boat Comfort Features


True luxury is having it all – and the Sunliner Series delivers it all by meeting your extensive lifestyle requirements whether cruising, relaxing, partying, fishing or simply getting away.

Sunliner Series Pontoon Boat Style


With abundant tasteful amenities enhanced by an interior designer's exquisite touches, your guests will be treated graciously by the visual and tactical experiences these models deliver.

Sunliner Series Pontoon Boat Luxury Features


Cut through waves with precision and embrace thrilling agility and speeds with your choice of performance package. Learn more about Harris pontoon performance packages.

Sunliner Series Pontoon Boat Performance