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The Glass Dash provides panoramic touch screens with stereo and accessory controls as well as navigation and engine instrumentation displays. Design Legacy Harris continues to bring innovation to the pontoon industry with a Power Deploying and Retracting Ladder. Innovation

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Behind the Scenes at Harris Boats - Sourcing

Our next look behind the scenes focuses on our procedures for souring our materials. Pontoons are complex boats, and our pontoons specifically require an attention to detail that makes sourcing components a challenge.

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Pontoon Boating Safety Guidelines & Regulations from State to State

For pontoon owners, boat safety should be a top concern. This guide offers quick links for referencing the pontoon boating regulations of each state.

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Behind the Scenes at Harris Boats - Production

Peek behind the curtain at the production process of our premium value stream production line. The production team takes total ownership of every aspect of the process. We monitor every detail from the start of the boat, all the way through the boat leaving our facility.

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