Performance Pontoon Boat Packages


Harris performance packages continue to push the envelope of pontoon performance and capability. Whether you seek greater stability and capacity, rough water capability, responsive handling or higher top-end speed; Harris has a performance option for you.

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Dare To Compare

On any Harris pontoon, impressive performance comes standard. Thanks to these state-of-the-art performance packages, you can take your on-water capabilities to a whole other level. Experience better control of sharp turns, cut through waves with precision and embrace thrilling speeds out on the open water. See for yourself what makes Harris's performance pontoon packages a cut above the rest. Construction of performance package varies by model; drawing is shown for marketing purposes only.


BENEFITS: Creates more stability for a smoother ride and increases performance capability.

HIGHLIGHTS: Adds a partial 25" diameter center tube along with an aluminum underskin to reduce drag from water resistance against the exposed crossmembers for better performance and fuel economy.

The lifting strakes and full-length keels complete the package for quick planing and a smooth ride.

Fuel capacity is 28 gallons.


BENEFITS: The Performance Package Level 2 adds a full 25" diameter center tube, increasing buoyancy and reducing drag. This allows for an even smoother ride and greater stability. A ski tow bar is included.

HIGHLIGHTS: The full-length tube with integrated motor pod strengthens the construction, allowing for increased horsepower capacities. The fuel tank capacity increases to 37 gallons.

Infloor storage comes standard with Solstice, Grand Mariner, and Crowne models.


BENEFITS: Available on Solstice, Grand Mariner, and Crowne, the Level 3 package adds features to the Level 2 that keep you on the water longer.

HIGHLIGHTS: An extra baffle in the construction of the tubes creates a stronger hull, while an upgraded 63-gallon fuel tank ensures you won’t be spending your day at the pump. With the Level 3, you have the choice between a ski tow bar or a ski tow pylon for your watersports with included in-floor storage.

Performance Package Level 3.5 adds 27" diameter tubes and is available across all model series.


BENEFITS: Rated for up to 800 horsepower, the highly developed twin engine platform adds maneuverability, faster hole shot, and higher top end speeds. Depending on which model you add the TE platform to, you can reach speeds of over 60 miles per hour.

HIGHLIGHTS: The performance gains from the TE platform come from a unique hull design that further mimics a v-hull’s design. The platform features a single 93-gallon fuel cell integrated into the enter tube to ensure optimal weight distribution.

Finesse into tight dock slips with ease or maintain your position regardless of the current with Joystick Piloting and the GPS based digital anchoring and WayPoint auto heading system that are only available on the TE platform.