Performance Pontoon Boat Packages


Who makes a stable, perfect turn? You might be surprised! On the left, a fiberglass-hull runabout turning at speed. On the right, a Harris pontoon with the PIII Package making the same turn. Surprised? We weren't. Experience stable, precise turns at any speed with Harris's performance technology.

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Dare To Compare

On any Harris pontoon, impressive performance comes standard. But thanks to these state-of-the-art performance packages, you can take your on-water capabilities to a whole other level. Experience better control of sharp turns, cut through waves with precision and embrace thrilling speeds out on the open water. See for yourself what makes Harris's performance pontoon packages a cut above the rest.


Performance III Package

Benefits: Increased speed, improved handling, quick planing, improved holeshot and greater fuel capacity with an integrated 50-gallon fuel tank.

V-hull Design: The 25-inch center tube is lowered a full inch, creating a V-hull design to carve through the water for increased speed and acceleration.

Lifting Strakes: Placing lifting strakes on the interior of the outside tubes and on both sides of the center tube results in a smoother, more controlled ride without sacrificing stability. Get on plane faster and enjoy an improved holeshot.

Aluminum Skin Kit: A flat underdeck reduces water resistance and drag caused by exposed cross-members, dramatically increasing speed and reducing time to plane.

Performance Package

V-hull design delivers the perfect combination of stability and handling.


Lifting strakes and a stepped running surface put you on plane quickly and lock you to the water.

Performance Package Plus

Benefits: The Performance Package PLUS adds increased buoyancy to boost performance, greater control at the helm plus an overall smoother ride at any speed.

Full-Length Center Tube: The full-length center tube with an integrated motor pod adds strength and buoyancy, allowing for higher horsepower (up to 200HP) and more passenger capacity.

Extended Motor Pod: Integrating the center tube with an extended motor pod creates predictable control similar to a mono-hull boat, as well as room for more power with capacity for a 40-gallon fuel tank.

Performance Package Plus

Sport Package

Benefits: Impressive increase in weight and horsepower capacity, more stability for a smoother ride and greater fuel-economy.

25" Diameter Center Tube: The 25-inch center tube provides greater weight and person capacity, as well as higher horsepower capacity than a 2-tube pontoon boat.

Full-Length M-Brackets: Full-length extruded riser brackets, known as M-Brackets, bolster the frame with greater strength compared to segmented brackets, reducing deck twist and creating a more stable ride.

Welded Keel: A full-length keel, from bow to stern, on each of the three tubes cuts the water for a smooth ride by breaking surface tension as well as keeping the boat on a straight track.

Sport Package