Harris Pontoon Boats Design
  • Innovation


Here is a look at some of the currently available innovative features found on Harris pontoons.

Active Trim

Active Trim

  • Mercury® Active Trim is an integrated GPS speed-based automatic engine trim system that eliminates the need to manually control the trim settings
  • With five selectable trim profiles, select the profile that suits the water conditions or the driving style and let the system automatically adjust the trim
  • Automatically adjusts the trim level when the driver changes the boat speed or when entering turns
  • Compatible with engines ranging from 40 hp - 700 hp
Patented Marine Head Compartment for a Pontoon Boat

Patented Marine Head Compartment for a Pontoon Boat

  • Exclusively on the all new V270 as standard equipment
  • Fiberglass Liner with Auto Bilge
  • Pressurized Fresh Water with 24 Gallon Capacity
  • Pump out head with 9 Gallon Waste Tank
  • Pressurized Sink with Shower Unit
  • 3 Gallon 12v Hot Water Heater
  • Hinged Sunroof
  • LED Tank Level Indicator
  • LED Interior Lighting
Fower Deploying and Retracting

Power Deploying and Retracting Ladder

  • With easy to operate foot controls, the power deploying and retracting stainless steel folding/retracting ladder, makes using your pontoon boat's ladder easier than ever before.
Folding Swim Seat

Folding Swim Seat

  • Stainless steel frame with Starboard seat base
  • Flips down for a convenient seat just below the water’s surface
  • Requires Performance Package Plus or PIII Performance Package and available on most models