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Harris Pontoon Boat Paper Craft

Looking for a fun activity that you can do in the comfort of your own home? We have the perfect project for you! You can create your very own Harris Pontoon Boat using paper and simple office supplies. This project is recommended for ages 9+, or 7+ with close adult supervision. 

Click Here to Download the Pontoon Template

Step 1: Cut out all of the pieces

Step 2: Crease and pre-fold along the dotted lines

Step 3: Pre-fit the pieces and then glue the tabs to fully assemble to your boat!

Tips for making your boat: 

  • Thicker paper or card stock is easier to work with
  • Try using a glue stick instead of standard white glue
  • Use toothpicks to help apply pressure to the corners
  • Install the fence before installing the furniture for a uniform fit

Most important of all, have fun! Be sure to share yours with us on Facebook and Instagram -- @HarrisBoats.