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Pontoon Boat FAQ's

For a general snapshot of the features of Harris pontoon performance packages, check out the article "Center Tube Options: Choosing a Harris Pontoon Performance Package."

How much faster is a three-tube pontoon compared to a two-tube pontoon?

Technically, the center tube doesn’t add speed, it adds buoyancy. Speed is dependent on the power of the engine, and the third tube allows for greater engine capacity and stability at high speeds.

Will a third tube increase the number of passengers my pontoon can accommodate?

There are many different variables that go into a boat's rating for person capacity. A center tube can allow for increased passenger capacity, but it also allows for higher horsepower engines, which are heavier. Sometimes the added engine weight does not allow us to increase passenger capacity.

Why are there no lifting strakes on the outside of Harris pontoons?

While some manufacturers put lifting strakes on the outside, Harris lifting strakes are on the inside. We do this because the inner strake design allows the pontoon to bank into turns. Also, outside strakes can rub on dock supports when you take your boat in or out, which can damage them and reduce performance. That’s why Harris has lifting strakes on the inside, where they are protected.

Can a center tube be added to a pontoon I already have?

No. U.S. Coast Guard capacity plates are rated for original capacity. It would also be a difficult item to add to a boat after the purchase because with Harris it’s not just a center tube, but also the aluminum skin kits, reinforced keels and other elements. 

Will a three-tube pontoon fit on my existing boat lift or will I need to make modifications?

In most cases, it won’t fit, and you’ll need to get another boat lift. In some cases, however, lifts can be modified with vertical supports. Ask your lift manufacturer to be sure.

How will a three-tube pontoon handle in turns? Will it turn flat or bank?

Harris Boats with three tubes will bank into turns. They are designed with the center tube lower in the water to allow them to perform like deck boats or fiberglass boats.