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Center Tube Options: Choosing a HarrisĀ® Pontoon Performance Package

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Pontoon boats were invented for pleasure cruising, but definitions of “pleasure cruising” can vary from person to person. Leisurely voyages on calm waters might be an exclusive interest for some boat owners, but others enjoy the thrill of the wind in their hair and actively participating in a variety of watersports. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll want to add a performance package to your Harris pontoon.

The key component of any Harris performance package is the addition of a center tube underneath the deck. Three-tube pontoons offer better balance and weight distribution, and allow for powerful engine upgrades that make for a more stable ride at higher speeds or on choppier waters. 

Pontoon Boat stability and plane out faster.

Pontoon Level 1: Sport Package

Pontoon Sports Package

If you’re looking to increase passenger capacity and engine horsepower while maintaining a smooth ride, the Sport Package might be the place to start. It features a 25-inch diameter center tube with high-strength aluminum inner lifting strakes to provide quick planning times and improved stability.

A partial aluminum skin kit reduces drag and surging caused by water hitting the cross-members. The addition of a full-length keel, from bow to stern on each of the three tubes, cuts the water for a smooth ride by breaking surface tension.

Also included with the Sport Package is a Rough Water Package upgrade, which provides additional bracing inside the pontoon nosecones and sturdier C-Channel brackets spaced closer together at the bow and stern of the pontoon’s chassis.

Level 2: Pontoon Performance Package Plus

Pontoon Boat Performance Plus

The Performance Package Plus goes the extra distance, offering a full-length center tube that integrates with the motor pod, providing a longer running surface The increased buoyancy and greater control at the helm make for a smoother ride at any speed.

A more complete aluminum underdeck skin kit is included in the Performance Package Plus on all models except the Cruiser. This reduces the surging effects caused by water hitting cross members at speed. Inner lifting strakes, full keels and Rough Water Package upgrades are also included, and center tube is dropped one inch deeper into the water than the outer tubes, allowing the boat to bank into the turns.

Other advantages of the Performance Package Plus include an extended rear swim platform and a fuel capacity of 40 gallons, allowing more time on the water without having to scramble back to the fuel dock.

Level 3: Pontoon Performance III Package

Pontoon Boat Performance Package

For optimal handling and the greatest fuel capacity and highest horsepower ratings, the Performance III Package is the clear choice.

Featuring a 25-inch diameter center tube lowered a full inch, creating a V-hull design for increased control and drag reduction while on plane, this package ensures your boat will carve through the water with ease.

The Performance III Package boasts the longest running surface, which translates into a smoother, more controlled ride with maximum stability. It also features an extended rear swim platform and a larger, reinforced, integrated 50-gallon fuel tank. With the ability to accommodate engines up to 350 HP, the PIII Package is the ultimate choice for pontoon watersports.

Performance Pontoon Haul Features Diagram


Pontoon Boat Haul

Frequently Asked Questions

If this basic breakdown doesn't answer all of your questions, check out the Pontoon Performance Package FAQ page for additional information to help get you a step closer to the perfect pontoon for your needs.