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Behind the Scenes at Harris Boats - Production

  • Harris Pontoon Boats

Peek behind the curtain at the production process of our premium value stream production line. The production team takes total ownership of every aspect of the process. We monitor every detail from the start of the boat, all the way through the boat leaving our facility. It’s important that we keep production moving so we can get our boats constructed and out the door and into the hands of the end customer.

Not every boat is custom built, but no two boats are alike. Every boat we make has a different layout with varying floorplans. Upgradable features in our performance packages add to the complexity of our throughout different parts of production. Some boats will see different hull structures, while others opt for different furniture options. Understanding what the customer wants is paramount in making sure the boat gets assembled properly.

Referencing build books allows us to know the products that are ordered are being placed properly, ensuring a smoother transition down the line. The intricacies of building a luxury pontoon means that there is room for error. We combat this by hiring quality employees who know they will have a future with the company.

We cross-train our employees on the floor in the departments in front of and behind them. Empowering them with the knowledge of the entire process not only helps improve their understanding of the importance of their specific job, but it creates an atmosphere of shared ownership in a team environment. We rely on feedback from our employees throughout production because they are the people with the hands-on understanding of how things work and they know what works and won’t. As people step into different areas of the production process, they bring with them new ideas that help drive the innovation behind our boats.