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Get to Know Harris Featuring Bryan Greenwood

Our new video series “Get to know Harris” introduces you to the team behind the brand. In this video, Bryan Greenwood shares his boat tips and tells us how he joined the Harris team. Congratulations to Bryan on receiving Boating Industry's 40 under 40 award!

JOSH: Hey guys. This is Josh with the Harris Marketing Department.Thanks for joining me in the virtual studio for a quick chat with Bryan Greenwood, Bryan is
a Harris sales Rep for the Northeast United States. Bryan How are you doing today?

BRYAN: Josh, I'm doing great. I'm in the Northeast Harris headquarters, lakeside right now in my virtual background.

JOSH: It's very nice. I just wanted to say a quick congratulations. Bryan, you were just named one of boating Industry's, 40 under 40. Did that come as a bit of a surprise to you?

BRYAN: It did, about a month ago was when I first found out and they made contact with me and then the print and digital issues came out last week and that was a surprise to me.

JOSH: Great. Well, it was certainly well deserved. Bryan you've been around boating for basically your entire life is that correct?

BRYAN: Yeah, I was basically born in a boat you know my family was very into boating from my grandparents down to my parents and I learned to water ski when I was three years old and my family was very active in water skiing and it's been basically the only industry I've ever worked in.

JOSH: Bryan, do you have a motto that you like to live by when shopping for a boat You know, I always tell customers more horsepower's the better down the road resale value. What your family is gonna end up doing with the boat. You're probably going to want a few extra horsepower and I like to tell people if you're not familiar with pontoon boats to go to your local dealer rent a boat for a weekend get your family all out there together and I think you'll find out it's it's a pretty good way to spend the weekend in the summertime. I could not agree

JOSH: Bryan, I've got one last question for you. if you were to buy a new Harris pontoon right now which model would you be looking at?

BRYAN: Personally, I'd be buying our new solstice model that was just introduced here for the 2020 model year. They did a tremendous job in redesigning that boat for what the current boater is looking for and it has done phenomenal for us during the boat show season, we had in our fall selling season and it would look perfect right behind me on my virtual dock.

JOSH: As we're sitting here in our virtual studio and you're at the dock do you have any memories that are kinda tiding you over until you're able to get back on the water.

BRYAN: You know the best memory for me is probably just boating with family or friends, but growing up my grandparents lived on the Chesapeake Bay and they had a few boats there that had the opportunity to do some family trips on and those are probably the the oldest memories I have and some of the best memories I have are just boating boating with family and just enjoying the water.

JOSH: Bryan, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me today. We'll keep in touch, take care.

BRYAN: Sounds good, Josh. Have a good day and thank you.